William Oliver Martin

Born in Mexico City, William Oliver Martin moved with his family to Southern California, first Los Angeles then the beach cities of Orange County, where he grew up surfing, painting and studying to become an architect.

Martin taught and studied on his own at Mission Renaissance for the next 12 years before leaving and founding his own school, Martin Strong Fine Art Studio, with his long time friend and fellow artist, John Strong. Martin taught and focused on his own growth and abilities for another 12 years and actually claims to have learned painting by teaching, and the fact that he had the great fortune to have encountered some truly great art exhibitions that came to the Los Angeles County Art Museum while he was still in his twenties.

Today, always in search of personal artistic growth, when not busy at his easel Martin enjoy’s playing blues harmonica with some of the local bands, is writing a book on painting as well as a novel, and rides a Ktm enduro motorcycle in the beautiful surrounding mountains and countryside.