William Berra

William Berra is an American painter of landscapes, figures, and still life. He is represented by galleries throughout the United States and his work is in many public and private collections. Berra has appeared in over 40 solo and group shows.

William Berra continues to paint landscapes of Europe, both city (Venice, Paris, London, etc.) and country (Tuscany, Provence, Santorini, Mykonos, etc.). He makes annual trips to the Hawaiian Islands, where dramatic scenery and weather inspire atmospheric landscape paintings. Northern New Mexico is also a subject.

Throughout his career, Berra has produced occasional still life paintings using the same approach that he uses in his figurative paintings: he simplifies the motif and presents it on an abstracted background.

Berra also continues to develop his beach scenes and figurative paintings. He says this about a painting from his recent Diving Platform series: “I’ve been painting landscapes, beach scenes and figurative work for decades. Diving Platform, Dusk includes elements from them all: the reflective water, the evening sky, the figures. This painting represents a new phase in my figurative work. Elements that I’ve long worked with are combined in different ways. The atmosphere of the sunset sky and the way it reflects in the water gives a mood to the figures.”