Tyrone Geter

I have no idea when I discovered art or if it was art that discovered me.

I grew up in Anniston, AL a place where finishing high school was in some circles considered the epitome of higher education. My first art contact was with a childhood friend of my aunt who was attending Miles College majoring in Art Education. I never actually witnessed her drawing or painting for that matter. What impressed me was the idea that she was an actual college student. At the time, my aunt was the first in the family to attend college.

My first experience with art was my sister seated at the kitchen table drawing from a comic book page that said “Draw Me and Win a Scholarship,” She never won the scholarship but that image was forever emblazoned in my head. I would be an artist.

As a man, an artist, a husband, and a father, I have searched my soul for answers to the question: “Why this path for my life and my family? Why is this the way I must leave my mark on the world?” I have tried to get to the bottom of this obsessive need to create images and stories and display them to others. Is it ego? Loneliness? Fear? A desire for greatness? It is a difficult question that cannot ever be fully understood or explained. Simply put, like all human beings, I have an overwhelming need to communicate and connect with others. Unlike most, I create pictures.