Susan Thompson

Susan Thompson is a textile artist and art teacher who works primarily in the Greater Boston area. At Hunter College of the City of New York, she became interested in African American History and the visual arts. Her concern for the development of mutually supportive relationships between African American artists and their communities led her to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was a Research Fellow in the Community Fellows Program. Mrs. Thompson has exhibited widely in Massachusetts and other parts of the United States. She has participated in international cultural exchanges in Haiti, Cuba, Japan, the People’s Republic of China and with Native Americans in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Her work reflects the diverse cultural influences that she has encountered in her travels abroad and in her own cultural heritage. Through her art, she creates unique designs, tells stories and strives to communicate the struggle and soul of her people.

She is currently a member of the African American Artist’s in Residency Program at Northeastern University (AAMARP). She has over twenty years teaching experience in both Museum and school environments.

By immersing herself in art experiences, Susan has connected with many different people in many different environments. Her art is a means of reaching out and sharing her gift with others.