Susan Howard

“Love, respect and concern for nature are the catalysts compelling my art. Working primarily in oil paints, I employ the emotional power of color with a bit of whimsy to depict the diversity of life forms, both physical and behavioral, and the intertwined network of ecosystems.

I begin a painting with arbitrary splashes of color and brush strokes which are morphed into plants and animals, sentient beings with quirky personalities, both familiar and fantasized, to interact in my imaginary cosmos.

I have faith in the power of art and humor to help bridge the growing disconnect between man and the environment, and to warn of the dire need for more understanding of that symbiotic relationship. I hope my work contributes to that end.” -Susan B. Howard

Susan B. Howard’s work has been exhibited around the world and is included in numerous private and public collections, including that of The State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and WHYY-TV12 in Philadelphia. Her paintings are featured in the book: 100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic (Atglen, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, 2011), and appear as illustrations for the book What is Love? Messages from the Heart by Lexie Potamkin (Malaysia: Palace Press, 2010).