Stephanie Weber

My paintings are an exploration of emotion and logic. I explore texture and color as they are delimited by the blocks and bands that form each painting. I produce a logical, linear structure while I simultaneously seek to strike an emotional chord with texture, light and color. I’m intrigued with the tension developed between the concrete and the intangible – what you can touch and what you can imagine.

The aluminum panels I work with impose an interesting challenge. They add possibilities of light and shimmer. I experience an ongoing dialogue between the sensuousness of painting, the cool industrial feel of the metal and intellectual decisions that present themselves. I see color as an agent of transformation. The interaction of space, movement, and color within the geometric form is key for me.

My desire as a painter is to hold the tension and balance between structure, reason, and intuition – the architect in me and the dancer in me – and to give form to what I cannot name. With paint and substance, I’m trying to build a place where unexpected associations and resonance can occur. The essence of life, its richness, beauty and chaos informs my painting, inspiring me to express the vitality of nature and the rich chaos of the urban.