Sonja Heldt Harris

A native Texan and established photographer of nearly twenty years, Sonja Heldt Harris began her career as a public relations photographer for the city of San Antonio, Texas. During that time she discovered black and white as the medium through which she wanted to express her work due to its elegance, timelessness and ability to capture the soul of the subject. She currently works in a restored 1850’s cedar house, called Rebecca Creek Gallery, located on her ranch in the Hill Country outside of San Antonio.

Of the series of photographs in this exhibition, Heldt Harris says: “New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, is a fascinating place and it was love at first sight for me. The historic Preservation Hall, located in the center of the French Quarter is irresistible with its wooden floors and tight sitting accommodations. The music I listen to coming from the seasoned jazz players motivates me to photograph endlessly into the night. The jazz musicians are so passionate about their music that I am drawn to transfer their music to my vision on photographs.

I choose to show movement in my work because the swinging and swaying of the musicians is as much a part of the moment as the sounds they produce. By showing that movement, I hope the viewer can experience some of the “electric” atmosphere that I feel when I am there.”