Soe Soe

Soe Soe was born at Laputta in Myanmar, which he honours by placing it after his name. His father is a pianist while his mother is an instructor of traditional dance. His artistic talent was evident even as a young boy nurturing his hobby of painting.

He stepped into the profession of painting in 1985 when he turned 18. As of the year 2008, at the age of 41, he holds 23 years of experience as a full-time artist. Upon embarking on his career, he made a decision to devote his life to painting. He conducted numerous art exhibitions with various features in the media on his artworks. His unusual techniques reflect his pioneering spirit in pursuing innovation in each piece of art. In the 2003 Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition, Soe Soe’s work was chosen as the top 30 out of 296 artists, which were subsequently exhibited in the Myanmar Contemporary Art Exhibition 2004.

His works capture the vibrancy of sunlight dappling the beautiful rice fields of the Northern Shan State in Myanmar. The vibrant energy of the works combines with its rich jewel hues to attract viewers’ attention. rejuvenating and delighting the viewer. Soe Soe’s usage of a hypodermic syringe to compose the work heightens the three-dimensional quality of his pieces, aptly capturing the nature and reality of these plants, such that one feels as he is physically standing by the beautiful hills in Myanmar.

Throughout his illustrious career, Soe Soe has held several joint and solo exhibitions around the world, including Hong Kong, Nepal, New York, Washington D.C., Singapore and Myanmar. Soe Soe has emerged as a significant artist, well-received by international collectors and his paintings can be found in both private and public collections in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, US and Europe.

For Soe Soe, painting is not a tiresome job, rather, it is a companion that gives him eternal pleasure. Perhaps it is this joyous sincerity and honing of talent that attracts the heart of his collectors.