Sivan Sternbach

My ceramics are the purest expression of how I live my life. I use everything I see, touch and taste as inspiration. In their playful and tactile qualities, my pieces reflect my natural appetite for freedom and connection to the present moment. I began experimenting with clay 6 years ago, with the same delight and curiosity as I began to experiment with cakes 7 years earlier. As a professional pastry chef, trained and certified by the FCI in New York City, I feel a strong connection between making pastry and shaping clay. Both are naturally similar and endlessly satisfying processes. I draw deep pleasure from watching people’s unabashed reactions to my pieces. My floating balloons—in varying sizes, colors and levels of inflatedness—seem to trigger positive childhood memories. I’ve come to realize they have the potential to capture a person’s fleeting, happy memory and render it timeless. In my everyday life, I travel a lot, I visit galleries and museums, I wander down streets, I cook and bake and blog a lot about that, I explore and I share what I find—be it real life objects, new flavors, and anything made with authenticity and heart.