Shirley Rimkus Falconer

“Each person must see over the horizon, to rise to the top, and fly with their feathered friends. Our feathered friends warn us, bad things happen to them. But it’s worth it to be free.”

As a former nurse, (University of Portland, B.S., RN, 1955) I know the value of learning. After sewing clothes for my daughters and mother, I turned to quilting. First were bed quilts, then childhood memories of places I been or seen. Then I took classes from Crow, Meyers, Avery, Meyers, McDowell, and James, etc., and I learned. In the accomplishments of my studio-sewing, again and again, I found I could speak up about racism. Taxes, environmental issues, and that old glasses ceiling; are things to be addressed. I also speck of dancing cows, waterfalls and who know what else!”

Islamabad, 2003;