Ruthanne Kah

Artist Statement
There was among my grandparents a legacy of craftsmanship. One grandfather was a cabinet maker, the other an engineer who designed vending machines. My father was also carpenter, and maker of kites. During an early visit to a regional museum in Florida with a collection of European 17th and 18th century paintings my life was changed. I attended in art classes, and spent Saturdays drawing statues in the courtyard. I graduated from New College of Florida, with a bachelor of arts in literature . I enrolled in post-graduate studies, and was named artist-in- residence at the University of North Carolina-Asheville. I completed my studies at Haywood Technical College in textile design, specializing in fiber arts, color and dye applications, and handweaving. I returned to Florida in 1981 and began painting with John Mac Kah. We married in 1987. We returned to Asheville, North Carolina in 1996. I have worked over the years as stagehand, administrator, teacher, and in several small businesses, mostly bookstores. And among those, the best memories was with an antiquarian bookseller. I painting in oils and watercolor and working on mastering woodblock printing. My husband and I share a studio and we partner to teach in regional and area schools as well as in the studio, travel when we can to paint, and produce art sales to benefit wildlife, environmental and community service agencies.