Ronald Jackson

Life is a continual experience of discovery. Contrasting things that are apparent or taught with personal discoveries creates a perspective that is unique to every individual.

Being mainly a figurative artist, I seek to capture intimate settings to use as a gateway to ponder the complexities of the human experience, as well as the society that influences them. A comprehensive catalog of unique experiences is veiled behind every silent gaze of the human expression. In my work, the figure’s environment gives suggestion to what some of those experiences may be. My goal is to create work that is visually poetic, aiming to create an interactive experience in which the viewer is compelled to ponder possibilities that are reflections of their own experiences. I hope that my work can become a catalyst to trigger for the self-discovery of value, beauty, and significance among people who feel marginalized.

As a self-taught artist and painter, I find the process of manipulating paint on the canvas as being more critical than the materialization of the image. The practice of studying design and composition influences me to alter reality which can add a mystical quality to my work. It is my desire to master the element of mood and emotion rather than mastering the painting of objects. Every application and technique discovered adds depth to my artistic voice, increasing my capacity to communicate in both direct and subtle fashion.

For me, the overwhelming appeal of creating art is its legacy quality. The idea of being able to paint years beyond retirement age and having a lifetime’s body of work representing my time on earth is priceless.