Rolf Dercum

I have painted for over thirty years, after receiving a BFA in painting and advertising design from the University of Denver. My painting has evolved from Abstract Expressionism in the early 1960s, through general landscape painting, to photo-real-close-up landscape style, to a current form of landscape painting that explores my psychological reaction to environments located in Colorado, New Mexico and the Southwest. The paintings are sometimes done on location, and are sometimes composites of photos and/or observations made over time and therefore are the results of images recalled during the act of painting.

Now, even though I have a maturing style and a growing understanding of where I am as a painter, I strongly feel the need for the energy and the insights that come from working with serious, accomplished artists. Wayne Thiebaud is one of the West Coast artists who has strongly influenced me. Working under his direct influence has been of great value to me.