Robin Kang

This historical connections between the textile industry and the development of
technology provide inspiration for my artwork. Utilizing a digitally operated
Jacquard hand loom, the contemporary version of the first binary operated
machine and argued precursor to the first computer, I hand weave tapestries that
combine ethnographic symbolism, computer related imagery, and digital mark
making. Photoshop spray brush gestures layered with symbols from ancient
weaving traditions and motherboard hardware blend together amid interlocking
threads. The juxtaposition of textiles with electronics opens an interesting
conversation of reconciling the old with the new, traditions with new possibilities,
as well as the relationship between textiles, symbols, language, and memory.

Originally from Texas, Robin Kang, received her MFA at the School of the Art
Institute of Chicago and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. Her sculptural
installations, video work, and textiles have been exhibited throughout the US,
Canada, Spain and recently at the Essl Museum in Vienna, Austria. She has
participated in artist residencies in Texas, Michigan, and Beijing. Robin is the
founder and director of the Carousel Space Project, an alternative arts project
space in Chicago, and PENELOPE, a project space in Bushwick, Brooklyn.