Robert Reynolds

Primarily a self-taught artist, Robert Reynolds creates work that ranges from extremely detailed pointillist drawings, to abstract oil paintings, to photography, to sculptures made from found objects. His sensitivity and receptiveness to the world around him keep Reynolds’ work current, while his keen sense of craftsmanship and composition makes it timeless.

Robert Reynolds had a love of the arts from a very young age. At three, he took up the habit of drawing on any surface at every opportunity – his favorite being smooth, dark pebbles with a long, bent nail. Reynolds also drew his creative interest from his father who worked as a photographer, and his mother who painted with him on Sundays, when together they would work to create images from oil paints on canvas. Experiencing these two separate methods of making images appears to have astounded the young boy. Although his interest was originally piqued by his family, Reynolds also drew heavily upon the changing times around him. A youth of the sixties, he saw the world around him changing all the time, and he began to travel all over the globe. These life experiences have molded him and his work to this day. Reynolds’ work can be found in many collections, including Euro Disney, France; Chase Manhattan Bank Headquarters, New York; and the Special Olympics Collection. In 1997 Reynolds received a grant from the International Center of Peace and the Arts to paint in Turkey.