Radu Tudoroiu

The decision to use a light bulb was pretty straightforward. The dichotomy between light and dark has been at the heart of some of our most disputed issues throughout time. Really, it’s less about what I want it to be than it is about what the viewer grabs hold of. The fact that the invention is American held the key to its own existence.

We were though, in school, that it’s all about the concept of the work. But really, I sometimes question that an, through this work, I made it mostly about the process. The work itself is, in part, a statement on how our scientific advancement allows for the creation of photograms such as this one and how, through practice, it is perpetually improved and morphed – constantly shifting towards a state of perfection. I guess it’s the same process that saw the invention of the light bulb.

My process has always been about finding answers through what I do. Finding new things about myself and my work; about introspection, to some extent.