Pae White

“My goal is to cause viewers to stop and consider the bits and pieces of our lives that are most often overlooked, perhaps suggesting a more comprehensive reconsideration of the world around us . . .”

California native Pae White’s Bossy Boss achieves the impossible. The large installation dominates the atrium of the Santo Domingo embassy, using ordinary materials to create a work that seems to deny the rules of our material world. In fact, her work so dominates that space that it is transformed from an architectural space into an event stage whereupon expectations are subverted.

White’s work denies gravity and arrests movement. Indeed, the small pieces that make up White’s installation seem to comprise a sort of cascade that is frozen in time. The small elements of the installation appear to have gathered together of their own accord, evoking an almost magical force. White gives permanence to the ephemeral, allowing her viewer to hold on to and ponder that which is normally fleeting and utterly beyond our grasp, almost reminiscent of a large swarm of insects.