Ofri Marom

The images I paint are from in my immediate surrounding. I try to depict a local Israeli urban landscape: places which I encounter everyday, both physically and mentally. I paint electric lines, temporary constructions, scaffoldings and cranes, which are conceived as aesthetic interruptions to nature. These objects which usually mutilate a given piece of landscape are in fact an integral part of it and moreover contribute in building it. I use both canvases and MDF or “Mazonit” boards which I find on construction sites.

My works suggest an alternative to the conception of ‘beautiful’ scenery. Through concentration in repeated images (e.g. electricity structures, cranes) and by emphasizing them, I examine their aesthetic value which embodies controversial beauty. The immediate structure of the object I choose to paint is deconstructed, sometime getting out of context and enriched with a new meaning. The images shift from figurative to abstract and from abstract to figurative and sometimes reside in between.