Nancy Vorm

“My art creates a visual history by manipulating different materials through the act of layering, obscuring, and exposing the surface. I discover and rediscover intriguing imperfections that emerge from the process itself, whether I paint on a conventional canvas or explore other media. My work arises out of a rudimentary curiosity and impulse. There is no specific narrative. I simply respond to the visual changes that occur through the relationship of the varied elements and colors that I use in my work.

The focus of my work is based on observing the imperfections found in nature and my surroundings. Embracing this beauty of imperfection is the underlying influence of my work,” says Nancy Vorm.

Vorm, an Indiana native, was originally a weaver before relocating to Utah and returning to school where she received her bachelor’s degree in painting and drawing from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Vorm’s past weaving explorations still inform her ongoing artistic development today. Her work is a continual investigation of layers and textures working with various mediaand techniques. Vorm’s exploration of surface and materials also led her to discover an affinity for encaustic–painting with melted beeswax, which has opened up new channels of expression.