Millicent R Tropf

Millicent R. Tropf was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. She studied at the American Art Student’s League Extension in Erie, at Houghton (New York) College, and at Flora Stone Mather College of Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio). Tropf completed her study of fine arts at the Toledo (Ohio) Museum School of Design. Since the 1960s, she has lived and made art in Toledo and Fort Myers, Florida. “Flowers of Glass” was an early donation to ART in Embassies.

” My art is private; it chronicles my life and time. It doesn’t innovate. It is a history, a commentary on things the way I see them or feel about them at the time the work is being tried. When the tools and materials are moving together it is enough, but often a subject suggests itself and demands greater definition…I consider the subject only another tool with which to complete the object.”