Michael Ruffo

Art to me is the true essence of life itself. It’s the beginning of imagination to which there is no end. Art lets us become one with ourselves and our environment. Deep inside all of us as human beings, is a need to show to others and the world a reason or a purpose why we are here residing on this planet. And for me, that notice of presence is through painting.

Aside from the obvious of being visual, art is an immediate and spontaneous display of emotion within those to whom this sense of power can transform itself as it relates to the times in which one lives. We as painters, have no choice but to produce art. It is not an occupation that we automatically wake up to one day and decide to pursue. Rather it is a destiny whereby we have no alternative but to follow. Art in itself, meaning the academics of drawing and painting techniques can be taught just as any other discipline can. But to truly be an artist or a painter one has to be engulfed with the sense that is art. You have to breathe it in everyday and have it become you. It transforms your soul into which your entire mind and body are taken over by this miraculous feeling of life and of living. You reach deep into yourself and pull out something that is yours alone and cannot be duplicated by any other being or machine. Painting for me is an internal sensation extending to the tips of my fingers pulsating with an energy that translates both a visual and verbal communication to the world outside my body.

When painting, one must be especially true to one’s self, first and foremost. If not, that lack of commitment will show through in their work and in their desire to make art. Conviction and dedication are the key factors. The subject in itself I feel is immaterial. For that subject can be of anything which inspires with a desire to bring to life one’s visual sensation through a physical and mental display of emotion. I’m not saying that you need to paint in a realistic sense of the term. But whatever the style is which make you transpire that into art, is of course the way you need to transform your inner feelings and social surroundings from a kaleidoscopic world of abstract information, into one of true alignment.