Michael Molly

Michael Molly says of his paintings that they are an “exploration of complex compositional tensions that are created by layers of paint.” That the “spray from the drips and splashes that dramatize this energy of movement. There are numerous types of energies. The choice of the specific colors, their intensity and value, in addition to the juxtaposition, establishes the specific theme-the type of energy explored in the individual painting.”

Michael Molly received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Temple University where he studied art and theatre. After receiving his Master of Fine Arts from New York University’s School of the Arts and developing a successful career as a film art director he returned to painting. Molly began copying the old masters to sharpen his skills, which led him to a career of painting replicas. Of his later move towards abstraction Molly says, “Learning to effectively combine abstraction with representation took some time. It was worth the effort though-the process taught me a great deal, especially about composition.”

“What I love about this layered art is that it is strongly composed pure abstraction that fulfils my goal to create powerful paintings that are beautiful.”