Michael DeSatnick

Michael Desatnick was born April 18, 1943 in Hammond, Indiana. He now resides in Durango, Colorado. He was educated at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. He worked as an illustrator-designer in Kansas City, Missouri and he was an instructor at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. His publication credits include Southwest Art Magazine, American Artist Magazine, and Art of the West Magazine to name a few.

Michael has been painting for over 30 years. He creates strikingly beautiful and colorful canvases of Native Americans and their traditional ceremonies. The bold colors of the authentic costumes in his paintings are enhanced by the realistic expressions of the people he paints. While the overall rendering of the figures is realistic, he interprets the colors, texture and mood of his subject in a painterly, impressionistic style, thus bringing an emotional depth to his canvases.

This award-winning artist also enjoys painting interiors, still-lifes and market scenes. He exhibits in various invitational shows, including the Masters of the American West Show at the Gene Autry Museum.