Mary Beth Goodman

I have been quilting since the early 1980’s and have a long interest in all aspects of quilting and the evolving traditions and work of quilters. While some consider more traditional work to be historical, I like to ponder it as the cutting edge of its day and think about the quilters who reveled in using color, piecing, applique, stencilling and other techniques to make their own statement in the world.

My own work is predominantly pieced with a good portion of raw edge applique technique. It tends to be heavily machine quilted. Much of my art is inspired by local scenes and nature and I love to explore color. In pieced works I like to play with secondary and tertiary pattern formation. At the moment I seem to be all about playing with small squares.

My recent works have been included in various exhibits and publications such as “America From the Heart” and “I Remember Mama”. My most recent work “Brush” was selected for the 2007 Quilt National.