Mark Sotak

Mark Sotak was born and raised in Rocky River, Ohio right on the shore of Lake Erie, so it was natural that he loved the outdoors and had a great sense of adventure. Mark left his home in 1981 to attend college in Florida, where his life would suddenly be changed forever. One night, while driving in a car with a bunch of his college buddies, the vehicle Mark was in lost control, and after rolling three times, came to rest in a roadside ditch. Mark was left with a severe spinal injury, confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

He went back to Ohio for treatment and rehabilitation after the accident, but eventually moved to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida where he actually acquired a degree in Law. Not being happy with being a lawyer, Sotak discovered a true passion for art and began painting with the brush held in his mouth. Today, Mark is an avid member of his church and credits God and his “church family” for his artistic talent. His best works include vivid seascapes and portraits.