Lynn Manos

It is essential for me to visually articulate my inexplicable fascination with water. Today, I live alongside a bay, I swim daily in a pool, I sail weekly in a gulf and I vacation at a shore. These connections inform my practice.

In 1990, I launched the initial series of 51 Dinghies when a St. Louis collector spotted a sold painting and requested a similar image for his collection. I conceived the idea of 51 images for the series because I thought I would be one card short of a deck after doing 51 variations of the same subject.

Since then, I have explored my chosen boat, water and reflective imagery using various mediums. I have traveled extensively in search of colorful wooden boats and their reflections. In chronological order, the series currently contain 5 variations of 51 Dinghies: 51 Dinghies, 51 Italian Dinghies, 51 Venetian Dinghies, 51 Aegean Dinghies and 51 Davis Island Yacht Club Dinghies. As my life has progressed, the 51 Dinghies’ series have mirrored the essence of my emotional life.

The various water series continue to be a visual inquiry into the transitory effects of light and movement on water. The figurative boats activate abstract patterns in the water. The process of observing and painting the constantly moving light and reflections continues to be an intellectual challenge. Today I find water just as unfathomable as when I started my painting journey.