Kenna Moser

Kenna Moser, from Seattle, creates postcard-size icons from antique documents, which she attaches to wood panel, covers with wax, and overpaints them with oil. Her goal is to explore the bonds between matter and spirit.

Still lifes, botanicals and circus figures represent some of the symbolic and carefully considered objects Moser has selected in her recent narratives. Each piece is contemplative and sensual, coaxing the viewer to decode the connections and complete the story themselves. This, Moser states, is akin to how we “decipher and reconstruct our own personal history through inherited objects, stories, photographs and memories.” Ultimately, the relationship between these objects reveal Moser’s homage to nature, growth and family history.

Moser’s work is wrought with craftsmanship which reflects her reverence for traditional methods of painting. Each antique letter, text and photograph is covered in beeswax then overpainted with Moser’s exquisitely rendered nostalgic icons. These fragments are carefully composed, creating the rich context of Moser’s work.