Kelly Brewer

Over a decade ago, I heard two options for a Capricorn. “You are a climbing goat or a chained goat,” my friend said. That’s it? One or the other? That’s all it took to pull (back) out the paintbrushes. I had three growing girls, a most supportive spouse, and it was time to come up for air and start climbing. I’ve been an artist my entire life. I drew and drew as a kid. Majored in Art History at the University of North Carolina and thought about becoming a doctor. Maybe that doesn’t fit the profile, yet here I am painting, so case in point. My professional growth has come from the climb, the journey, and I am ever grateful to my generous friends in the art community, the many mentors along the way, and the countless people who value what I do, who collect, who encourage, who are my friends. I paint and I learn; I learn and I paint. This passion is a journey, not a destination, and I’m grateful each day to work and live as an artist.