Katinka Mann

I am sculptor, painter, living and working in New York City.

I have been exhibiting abstract, geometry-inspired art in galleries and museums since 1965. After studying art at the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford, CT, I began a serious and uninterrupted studio practice that continues more robustly than ever today. During the initial few years after my formal studies, I was making paintings and prints, and it was via printmaking that I made my first resolved artworks exploring geometric shapes. This involved cutting and layering the prints that I made, working in a hybrid manner. The shapes that I discovered, specifically permutations of the hexagon, and the depth that I could create both physically and perceptually, became the dominant preoccupation of my work. During the five decades since those initial printmaking experiments, I have been extremely focused on my work, uncovering new possibilities at the intersection of color, geometry, light and depth perception, and in the way they interplay between two and three dimensions over a wide variety of materials. Over the years, the finished pieces have been presented in many forms and combinations as they variously wrap and warp, fold, billow, lie flat, capture the light and challenge perception of depth.

From the hexagon, a trapezoid filtered into my work and has served as a mantra or mandala. By reducing my focus to this one shape, I have opened up worlds of possibility and a seemingly endless source from which I can draw.