Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt is a Brooklyn based painter, currently residing in Flatbush, Brooklyn. A graduate of both The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The School of Visual Arts in New York, Katherine has been active in the New York art scene for over twenty years. Katherine is represented by CANADA, a gallery located in the Lower East Side of New York. As an artist, she has explored several different themes, including super models, swatch watches, Moroccan carpets, fabric based collages, and currently, patterning every day objects, attesting to the symbols of modern daily life and culture. Katherine uses acrylic and spray paint to make her paintings and draws subject matter from objects of daily life, like runs to the corner deli, the fruit stand, the 99 cent store, and the Caribbean-African influence of the neighborhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn.

In the past year, Katherine has had two solo shows exhibiting this latest series, at both Venus over Manhattan in New York and Carl Freedman in London. Katherine just recently finished painting a pool for Artsy at the Nautilius Hotel in Miami.