Julie Evans

Julie Evans is a New York artis. Her work brings together influences of contemporary Western abstraction with those of traditional, Eastern miniature painting, combing the most delicate patterning and layering with bold forms and swathes of intensely rich color. The work is deeply sensual and at the same time playful, suggesting both the spiritual and popular nature of ornamentation. They employ complicated palettes that pair those borrowed from traditional Indian miniatures with the brightness of fluorescent pinks and acidic greens, underscoring the double-mindedness of the work.

Evans works slowly and painstakingly, rendering delicate garlands and intricate mandalas, and filling large expanses of color with tiny, countless, vertical strokes. She creates ambiguous spaces within spaces that are at once both micro and macro in realm, keeping the viewer up close to these intimate works, but with the sense of their broader reach into place and time.

She has worked in India and Nepal, including travel and research supported by a Fulbright Scholarship studying with a master of Indian miniature painting. Critic Mario Naves wrote of Evans’ work that she “creates vistas infinitely more expansive than the physical parameters of the paintings support. Clearly the conventions of Indian miniature paintings have become second nature to her.”

Evans has been exhibiting her work extensively in both the US and abroad since completing her MFA at Brooklyn College in 1992. Her work is included in many private and public collections including the Rubin Musuem of Art, JP Morgan – Chase, the Progressive Corporation, US Trust Corporation, and the Federal Reserve Bank.