Judith Kudlow

Judith Pond Kudlow creates contemporary paintings based on precise drawing and careful modeling that produce three-dimensional illusions featuring harmonious colors and values. Her classic realist paintings include portraiture, still life, and landscape.

Senegalese was part of an exhibition at Oakham Contemporary Gallery in London to benefit the Friends of Africa Foundation. Kudlow said, “My studio was located in Harlem, and I was attracted by the sight of many African Americans wearing traditional African clothing in my neighborhood. This was the inspiration for the painting, originally titled African Queen. I wanted to capture the beauty and dignity of the young African woman who posed for me. Originally it was a larger painting, showing her seated. But later, I realized that what had moved me originally about her appearance was the nobility of her face and bearing. So, I cropped, re-stretched, and re-framed the painting. Upon learning that the costume she was wearing is very typical of Senegal, I renamed the new painting Senegalese.”

Kudlow lives and works in New York. In 2002, she founded the NYK Academy, formerly known as the Harlem Studio of Art, with Andrea J. Smith.