Joseph Reynald

Reynald’s father is the famous artist Wilfrid Louis. By the age of thirteen Reynald was using his talent as an artist to earn money for school and books. He left school in 1986.

He studied painting with his father, along with 8 or 9 other students. His father demanded that he use only the 3 primary colors and mix all the other colors himself. To this day he abides by this principle. At the age of sixteen he participated in a collective exhibition in Mexico where the Mexican Vice President purchased one of his paintings.

Reynald has a strong desire to improve and so he reads a lot, practicing the techniques that he studies. He has mastered oils as well as acrylics, and the palette knife as well as the brush. He paints to show his country in a realistic way, using his strong sense of color as a voice for his political conscience.

Reynald Joseph, with his strong talent and his will to succeed, is one of the stars of the new generation of Haitian artists.

All Reynald Joseph paintings are oil on canvas.