Yosef Lule

Yosef graduated from Addis Ababa University of Fine Arts School in 2001. Since then, Yosef is growing with a group of 4 artists in Habesha Art Studio. They recently opened their own gallery on the top of their studio.

The roots of his style came from observation of Addis Ababa Mountains, where several colorful clothes were drying on the grass. He derived this vision and adapted it to his paintings. His inspiration is coming from what he sees, leaves, and mainly feels daily given his sensitivity, or during his travels in Egypt, Zanzibar, Spain and France.

He believes that he has to bring happiness through his paintings, and not sadness…

The fruit of his art are some contemporary paintings, oil on canvas, originally figurative and becoming more and more abstract day after day. His paintings are rich in alive colors, often greens and yellows, with vertical lines defining roughly women, pastoralists, patriots, seasons, or what the observer’s imagination inspires to himself.