Jim Kraft

Statement for CORD Series 2014

Expression, vessel, natural world, contain, material, texture, color, construct, build, form, organic, beauty, imperfection, connection, flow, release, tension, pattern, rim, foot, balance, scale…

The human experience of being creative embodies itself in the process of making things.

I start with the vessel form and work to make it reflect elements of the natural world. I’m tied to the vessel form, somehow. All this making of things causes me to wonder why we are drawn to the things in life we are drawn to. What pulls us in. An object that is visually satisfying feels good. But why does it feel good?

Wedge, weave, lift, pull, throw, paint, mark, draw, sit, stand, roll, mix, fill, pour, feel, rest, make, destroy, fail, pound, press, scrape, repeat…