Jerry McCollum

“My interests are the arts, science, philosophy, & spirituality. I cover all my bases that way… Art, for me, is the external expression of an internal process of reconciliation. Each of us is essentially a spiritual being on a human journey, trying to create a life of personal beauty and symmetry, so whenever we do something with presence and quality – whether making a cup of tea, planting a garden, or reading aloud – that is art, the art of living.”

Jerry McCollum is a multiple award winning photographer and artist who makes his home in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington, USA. His work appears in collections worldwide.

The Palouse is a unique 4,000 square mile region of rolling, asymmetrical hills composed of loess (windblown silt) laid down over millennia. In some places the topsoil is hundreds of feet deep. Farmers in the Palouse grow a variety of dry crops that require no irrigation – most notably wheat, dry peas, and lentils. The Palouse is the world’s leader in the production of soft white winter wheat, and its small towns established in the 19th century still retain much of their character and rural culture.