Jan Gauthier

Jan Gauthier is a native of California and a
graduate of San Francisco State University.
Gauthier looks to her immediate surroundings
in the environs of West Marin County for her
subject matter, primarily still life and
landscape imagery. She achieves a unique
atmosphere in her work by hand painting
traditional gelatin silver prints with oil based
pigments and wax, imbuing the black and
white images with warm umber and sienna tones and adding subtle texture to
the surface. Through this unique process, Gauthier captures more than a still life
or a landscape, but an atmospheric mood that is unique to her body of work.
A selection of her still life photographs has been broken into a grid with
fragmented images that have a disquieting beauty to them. There is an air of
discovery and calm to this work as well as a tension created by the
fragmentation. A quiet juxtaposition of science, nature, and the land we live in.
Gauthier was the first female graduate of the photojournalism department at San
Francisco State University. She has been the recipient of the Greg Robinson
Scholarship for photography and received the Resident Artist Grant from the
Morris Graves Foundation in Northern California. She has had a one-person
exhibition at The Triton Museum of Art, the Bolinas Museum, and the Morris
Graves Museum of Art.
Her photography is shown nationally and her work can be seen at Elins Eagles-
Smith Gallery in San Francisco, CA; Renee George Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Julie
Nester Gallery in Park City, UT, Anne Loucks Gallery in Chicago, IL and Thomas
Deans Fine Art in Atlanta, GA.