Harris Kondosphyris

Harris Kondosphyris was born on 14 April 1965 on Lesbos Island, Greece. He studied film direction at Hatjikou School, Athens (1984-1987). He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens (1987-1993). He teaches art in the Department of Plastic Arts and Sciences of Art of the University of Ioannina since 2007. He has presented the following lectures: Harris Kondosphyris, Glass Department of San Jose University, California (1998); Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, Mytilini (2004); The Main Name, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2005); Harris Kondosphyris, University of Newcastle, England (2007); Trauma Queen, Balkan Art, Novi Sad, Serbia (2007); Trauma Queen, State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (2007).

Harris Kondosphyris presented the following exhibitions: Architecture Machine, Desmos Gallery, Athens (1992); Capricornus Caementum, Mylos Art Gallery, Thessaloniki (1995); Inflectors, Kalfayan Gallery, Thessaloniki (1996); Inflectors-Behind the Mirror, Galerie 3, Athens (1999); Equators, National Technical University of Athens, Zographou (2001); Thea-tis (Her View), Koumantareios Art Gallery, Sparta (2001); Projection, Galerie 3, Athens (2003); Athens-Beijing, Cheapart Gallery, Athens (2004); Adorno in Love, Galerie 3, Athens (2005); Home Sweet Prison, Galerie 3, Athens (2007); Adorno in Love, Globe Gallery, Newcastle (2007); and Electric Home, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens (2008).

Harris Kondosphyris currently lives and works in Athens.