Halide Salam

Halide Salam received her Masters of Art in Painting from New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, New Mexico, and her Ph.D from Texas Tech University in Fine Arts and teaches painting at Radford University, Radford, Virginia. She has been painting and exhibiting in national and international galleries, and presenting lectures and papers on art and art history, within and outside the United States as well. Her paintings are philosophical investigations to be viewed as spatial stations where creative forces are channeled through inner knowledge and intuition to manifest visual forms of self-recognition. Halide Salam’s life pursuit has been to find answers to her perception of an incomprehensible reality, not unlike those Wassily Kandinsky or Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Her recent book published by Pocahontas Press, BETWEEN TWO SPACES: Reflections on the Spiritual in Art is a candid memoir of a visual thinker and a painter, and traces the intellectual and spiritual development of a visual artist living between two cultures, one that she has been born and raised in and the other where she crystallizes.