Gretchen Tanzer

I have been a weaver for 35 years. I always had a penchant to create 2D and 3D images and forms with alternative media. Straightforward weaving on a floor loom has given me the structure I seek and also the freedom to experiment with imagery. My work can be likened to a fine pixilated surface where colors mix and support each other. I tend towards the Modernist aesthetic of strong graphic shapes on a smooth surface. The pieces come from preliminary sketches, drawings and paintings. I try to weave in the illusion of shadows and depth through contrasting and analogous color placement.

The finished weavings are prepared for display by hand stitching the cloth to a stretched linen canvas frame. This gives them a more formal presentation and makes them easy to hang.

I have been participating in National fine craft shows for 20 years, (including the Philadelphia Museum show, Smithsonian Craft Show, Baltimore Winter Show, and Crafts at the Castle and CraftBoston shows). I have been awarded the top exhibitors prize in both Baltimore and Crafts at the Castle, Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston chose one of my weavings for a purchase prize in 2002. I have also been the recipient of an Artists Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council in 2005.

I have a strong body of work that is ready to hang in any type of room or gallery space. Please contact me for more information or visit my website to view more work.