Gretchen Hancock

“I’ve been painting for over thirty years. I’ve studied with Edgar Whitney, Millard Sheets, Edward Betts and Arne Westerman. I’ve taught
watercolor and drawing at the college level. I’ve exhibited in local and national shows and have won awards at national juried shows.

I enjoy the effect of light and how it organizes and simplifies space, throwing large areas into shadow and warming the colors. Light can transform an ordinary scene into a scene of drama and power. I paint to capture that transformation, and if I am successful, the viewer will also feel that excitement.

I often paint on location, but do the majority of my work in the studio, working from sketches or photographs that I have taken. I rework the photos on the computer, sketching directly and reshuffling elements digitally. I sketch the final image in watercolor pencil on hardwood panels or canvas. I often paint in acrylic when doing larger pieces and landscapes. I use oils for plein air work and still lifes.”
Source: Artist statement provided 2014