Garrol Gayden

Garrol Gayden (b. 1960) has been an artist at LAND since 2005. Inspired by a childhood trip to New York City’s historic Coney Island, Gayden’s saturated images often start with layers of figures, landscapes, and words related to the amusement park. The famed Spookarama is a favorite. Interwoven between these landmarks, however, one will find phrases related to Gayden’s life, family, and fellow artists. “I write the things I see,” Gayden says, “It makes me feel a whole lot better.” His unique line quality is bold and sculptural, alternating from simple hatch marks to a complicated orchestra of tangled, yet descriptive lines. This fusion results in highly detailed and deeply personal compositions that have been featured in numerous exhibitions, including the Paris Outsider Art Fair, London’s Jennifer Lauren Gallery, and The Coney Island Museum.