Francisca Lohmann

Scenes from nature, specifically vineyards, are given a presence that hangs somewhere between abstraction and representation in Chilean artist Francisca Lohmann’s paintings. In her work, she brings the vines to life, but does so with just the outlines of what we normally think of as realism. The leaves of a vine will coalesce from what could be seen as a casual series of brushstrokes, or subtle patterns of color will reveal a sky or the contours of a landscape.

The artist says that in a vineyard “you can find the full palette of ocher, vermilion, sap-green,” and her works take advantage of that palette, subtly modulating each color to create moody environments in which there is a palpable sense of air, space and light. She also has a strong eye for texture and movement, giving each work a vivid physical presence. The balance between the paint as paint and the scene being depicted creates an energy that lets each viewer realize a unique vision. “I want to get the viewer to interact and discover personally,” she says, “what he sees.”