Ethel Lebenkoff

I paint about my world: my thoughts, my feelings, books and magazines I read, people I meet, things I walk by and see. I am interested in perception and perspective, alteration and adjustment, shifts in context and size and their effects on my reality.

What I perceive is often subject to the limitations and distortions of my inherited and conditioned nature. But I am living in an amazing time in which I have opportunities to experience my own evolution. I can transcend my biases and expand my awareness. I have the choice to become: more conscious, more powerful, more grateful for this gift of life. This is what my work is about.

I am inspired by humor. It is an integral part of my personality. E. E. Cummings must have understood this when he said, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” I intend to not waste your days!

My seemingly simplistic paintings are hybrids: conceptually complex, visually expressionistic and abstract. They are often playful. Paradoxically, I am serious about everything I do.