Ellie Harold

I paint in response to a calling received unexpectedly more than 16 years ago when I was 52 years old. More and more, the call has involved letting go of outer references in favor of the intuitive leadings of my heart and soul. My painting practice relies upon a continuing attunement to inner states for guidance in selection of theme, color and design. Each painting begins with gestural marks that resemble calligraphy, usually made with dark or black pigment, followed by layers of randomly selected and spontaneously applied colors. I deliberately create one “happy accident” after another, until the work seems complete. I often work on more than one painting at a time. More recently I’ve enjoyed creating large format paintings to which I apply pigment with big brushes, sponges, fingers and, my favorite tool, the squeegee.

Concurrent with my studio work and drawing on my experience as an ordained Unity minister, I mentor aspiring artists and write. I find the ongoing reflection on my painting practice and art life is vital to maintaining a fresh, true connection to my calling and with those who are on the receiving end of my creative efforts.