Ebtisam Abdul-Aziz

Ebtisam Abdulaziz has been making work investigating unconventional methods of compiling biographies, and exploring tangential methods of seeking out and collecting materials relating to individuals, their personalities and their stories.

Abdulaziz’s approach functions within the realm of the Gestalt and the recognition that understanding something is greater than perceiving the sum of all of its parts.

In her 2006 installation entitled My Brain for example, the artist presents a light box with various sections of a CAT scan of her brain, as an attempt to understand the human psychology. With failed endeavors such as this one, Abdulaziz seeks to highlight the shortcomings of data, where intricate acts of information gathering are exposed as completely futile acts.

In addition, her background in mathematics has the artist fascinated by systemic ways to produce emotionally or intellectually meaningful forms of expression such as taking one picture a minute of a generic occurrence for the duration of 35 minutes as a means to highlight the inherent theatricality in quotidian goings on and interactions. A simple Photoshop effect applied on the 35 images conjures up notions of night vision and other technology-driven surveillance methods.