Douglas James Maguire

“My work is about solitude and freedom. The landscape is a metaphor for breath, life and transformation. The paintings must breathe and change also. For me, freedom from material constraints is best expressed through the mutability of nature.”

Maguire captures the power and beauty of the Hudson Valley and the coasts of Ireland and Greece in large scale realistically rendered oil paintings. His paintings are in public, corporate and private collections across the country and abroad. He has had extensive gallery showings including one person shows at Katherina Rich Perlow Gallery, NYC, A.M. Sachs Gallery, NYC and Woodstock, NY.

Gerrit Henry of Art in America states “Maguire’s incredible attention to detail reads after a moment, as attention to light as color, active, dispersed, subtly radiant, almost personified. ‘Visionary’ may be a good word to apply to Maguire’s work”.Ruth Bass of Art News relates ‘The compositions are casual and offhand, but are often daring and complex, drawing the viewer back to look over and over until the initial shock of colouristic dissonance is overcome.”