Despina Meimaroglou

Despina Meimaroglou is specialized in painting, printmaking, typography, and graphic design. She mainly lives and works in Athens, Greece, and her works are included in numerous public and private collections both in Greece and abroad. Her work in the Biennale comprises 5 portraits of Women on Death Row from her ongoing series (1999-2008) entitled AGAINST THE WALL: End of the Fairy Tale. This work exemplifies a common theme in Meimaroglou’s work of capturing and reconstituting her own perception of truth from layers of memory as well as from the mediation of social and media induced stereotypes. Her recent work has been mainly preoccupied by the mutual relationship of reality and representation, truth and fiction, and also the distortion of political facts. Meimaroglou begins her work process by collecting articles and images from the daily news, and then by deconstructing the information, she manipulates the artifact to expose its deceptive nature. In other cases, she adds more layers to the given information to create more associations and offer new interpretations. Her traveling has enabled her to communicate with variant individuals that come from dissimilar backgrounds and gain a greater understanding of the differences and semblances that create this dichotomy of truth and representation.