Deborah Sudran

The subject matter of my paintings, oils on linen and gouaches on paper, is culled from the vast panorama of nature. The compositions are created with my camera as I zero in on details of nature, usually too close (even at times what I see on the ground by my feet) for a horizon line to be seen. In the studio, I use the photographs that inspire me for reference, creating work that is not photorealistic but painterly.

My inspiration is derived from excursions at home, from Central Park to various botanical gardens, and travels afar, from the Mojave Desert to the jungles of Costa Rica and Guatemala. Nature becomes a deeply felt vehicle for the creation of bold compositions, with special attention to the vertical and diagonal compositional motifs which are the underlying framework of these paintings. Nature also provides an array of colors that are often heightened or subdued while working on the painting, to enhance harmony and create a vibrant surface.

With my paintings I seek to communicate my emotional response to nature, as well as to make a compelling visual statement.