Dannielle Mick

“Astounding atmospheric qualities enrich the sublime in nature and it is this that I intend to simplify and captureā€¦ There is a story in the landscape which I am curious to uncover. However, as in all great mysteries, I am deliberate in not giving away the ending… so I keep my story minimal and intriguing. Using subtle tonal variations, mixed with increasing color, I selectively provide just enough information to pique your interest and invite you to further investigate possible endings. Nature is such a tease…”

The recipient of numerous awards and the member of several associations, Danielle Mick studied at the Art Students League, National Academy of Fine Art, and New School of Parsons, all New York City, and the Chicago Institute of Art, Illinois, as well as with Wolfe Kahn and Elizabeth Mowry. She has exhibited her work widely in Northeast and mid-Atlantic United States.